100. Thursday 14th July 2011.

Thursday evening was nothing short of perfect. After dinner, we went outside to the garden and Daniel played happily while I read my book!

Trying Daddy's shoes on. This is one of Daniel's fave things to do, put our shoes on!

Digging. Look at that crazy hair, from where our childminder slathered him all over with suncream, and I mowhawked his hair after playing in the pool!

Wobble wobble. Daniel's balance is getting so much better, though we do have the occasional fall!

Brum brum. Check out that cutee little dimple!

Every time I asked him to "cheese!" he poked his head out of the front 'window' & smiled! What a ham!

My blissful view. I've been reading (& finished yesterday) Jodi Picoult's The Tenth Circle, which I absolutely loved. It was so gripping, I could barely put it down! I read My Sister's Keeper a few months ago, and when we went to the library I got out a couple more as she's such a fantastic writer. I started 'Perfect Match' this morning, even though the story line might be a little too much for me (it's about a mother whose little boy has been sexually abused) I'm actually quite excited!


Big ol' belly!

Lying on Momma, what a perfect fit!

I used to be an avid reader when I was younger, and I love losing myself in a good book. I was incredibly happy to get 8 of the True Blood books by Charlaine Harris (four of which I've already read but LOVED) for £6 at a car boot last week! :D

I really hope Daniel inherits my love of reading, instead of his Dad's hatred for anything except Harry Potter! We try to read together every day and he always has a bedtime story, & he loves looking through books and 'reading' them aloud!


Momma Baby snuggle!!

Holding hands <3 We're supposed to be going to the zoo tomorrow, which I was super excited about, but we might not be going now because of the rain. Boo! We arranged it with the families from out ante-natal class MONTHS ago, for the babes' birthdays, and one family already pulled out because they double booked, another now can't make it because they don't have a car and it would be too stressful to get out of the house in time. I'm really bummed, as I don't really mind about the weather, and Colin could have swapped this weekend to have my birthday off but he didn't because of this outing. It seems silly not to go, but I guess it's upto the others, I'm waiting with baited breath to find out! P1080309
Entering in for Mama In Focus Friday, a day late & without any orange. Oops! I honestly get so excited about entering these things, but I am quite often too late as I'm so disorganised! Though the prompt for next week is "fruit" which should be pretty easy as we eat SO much!! :)
One Day At A Time

Daniel got a little cranky, so we went inside to watch some Peppa Pig before bed, and he sat beside me, stroking my arm the WHOLE time. Who knew one little person could make my heart explode!

Hopefully we'll have a wonderful day together tomorrow whatever we do, & you all do too!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Your little boy is such a cutie! He seems to have a lot in common with my daughter... loves to try on shoes...and seems to love to read so far! ;) She's also a huge fan of the little red and yellow car. Just wish we had a yard so we could get her one!

  2. awwwww, what sweet sweet pictures of your little man (love the baby belly!) and of you and him together loving, snuggling, reading. Priceless memories saved!! Great pictures!!