099. Wednesday 13th July. 15 months!

Yes, as you've probably guessed, Daniel Kyle turned 15 months this past Tuesday (seriously, where does the time go? I tear up just looking at this kid sometimes!) so I thought it would be fun to start monthly update posts, which I've been meaning to do for a while, and start with a kind of "Day In The Life" post. Basically, I took pictures every so often of what we did on Wednesday (which is my half day at work, i.e. more interesting) & I'll add in some cute facts about my babyboy too.

My view at breakfast <3 Cheerios for babyboy & Strawberry Crisp for Momma. P1070983
Sadly, Daniel and I don't normally get to eat breakfast together, as he goes to his childminder at 8:30am most mornings and eats there. I literally love for the weekends (& Wednesday mornings) to spend more time with my Boo.

Blueberries are still one of Daniel's absolute favourite foods. Along with bananas, white chocolate, grapes, broccoli, sausages & chips.

After breakfast we read some books, played cars and pretend. I try to make the effort to read to Daniel every day, I think it's incredibly important, and he has learnt to climb on my lap to listen, my heart melts!

Apres nap cheese!

Daniel Kyle still naps twice a day (usually) but how long for varies day to day. We pretty much go with the flow around here.

He loves this music mobile He even kissed it right after I took this picture. When we put him to bed at night he points at it until we turn it on.

We were meant to go swimming but a little monster overslept, so instead of doing nothing we decided to go to the baby clinic and get an updated weight for this 15 month post!

Daniel LOVED these different sensory boards on the wall, he played for ages!

There's a mirror behind those worm things, he likes to look at himself, and laugh!

Go go go! Daniel Kyle weighed 11.16kg (after a struggle to get him to sit nicely in the scales, and bribing him with fruit flakes!) which I think is about 24lb 8oz. He's put on about 3oz in two months which isn;t half bad!

Back home in time for lunch. Cheese on toast, omnomnom.

We played in the garden in the afternoon. Auntie Jess (my little brother's girlfriend) came to look after Daniel Kyle while I went to work for a couple of hours, she's such a sweetie.

Momma moment: I particularly liked my outfit that day, it was the first time I'd thought of teaming a floral vest with these trousers, and I really liked how it turned out!

That's how my boy rolls. Eating pringles, sitting backwards in his "ride".


We got a new tooth this month, and of course Daniel was a little champ (if a little grumpy!) The bottom, right hand, front molar. It's nearly completely through now, phew!

Daniel's love for swings now only lasts about three seconds before he wants to get back out!

Tomato rice, vegetarian sausages and broccoli, what a grown up dinner!

Talking to Daddy on the phone. His face goes really blank!

Getting to grips with a fork now we've practically mastered the spoon!

Excuse the dirty nappy, just had to get a shot because Daniel never stays lying down DURING a nappy change, let alone afterwards!!

After dinner we walked to the shops (Aldi) to get some chicken for Daddy's dinner, fajitas, and to play in the park for a while.


We learnt some new words! No. Tractor. Bye-bye. (Seriously, the cutest thing ever, I make him say tractor at least a million times a day!)

Daniel reaches out for my hand when he wants to go walking, I nearly cry every time!


Daniel Kyle dislikes - when Momma won't turn the TV on for him; cheese, at the moment; being put back in the pushchair; being told no (though he loves to say it to us!)

Cotchin' on the roundabout. When did he get so big?!?!

Shouting at the big kids.

Daniel Kyle LOVES - Peppa Pig; playing with buckles on car seats, pushchairs, trikes etc; water, of any description really, especially baths and swimming pools; talking on the phone; parks; electrical gadgets, especially those he shouldn't have; walking holding hands; and best of all, when Momma and Daddy are both home to play!


Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. He is such a gorgeous, happy boy! He seems to be growing up amazingly, I'm sure you know this already but you should be a very proud mummy! You're obviously both doing a great job with him :) xxx