095. Thursday 7th July.

(Hopefully this post will work as it's my first ever scheduled post!!)
Thursday Daniel Kyle wasn;t all that well, his childminder called me at work to say he was very tired and quiet, so I left early to take him home. He seemed fine for me, he splashed in puddles on the way home (in his socks!) & ate all his lunch, even though he hadn't eaten anything that morning. Nanna was round sorting out our garden, so Daniel went to "help". How incredibly adroable, though I suppose I am a little biased!



We had friends round in the afternoon, for a little pre-birthday party, some of the ladies from our antenatal class. Daniel had a mammoth two-hour nap, but didn;t wake up in a great mood. Just rather tearful, but after some Calpol and dinner he calmed down. I did spy another tooth, a horrible molar this time, which explains alot & makes me worry much less. Hopefully it won't affect our birthday weekend!



Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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