085. New Park!

When on earth did my little babyboy grow into such a kid?! Now, he's still not walking (:( By choice though I think) but he's got a mind of his own & is so clever! He's just this last week learnt to shake his head and say no, he shows you his tickle toes, claps hands and pats his hand to his mouth to make a noise (I'll film it, it's hard to explain!) We spent half an hour before bed the other night at the park (have I mentioned how much I LOVE being so close to a park!?) & here's how that looked.



Seriously, climbing up the slide, do you see what I mean?!

Momma & Baby shot. He always looks so grumpy!

Yeah, I nearly had a heart attack, even though the top barely graced my hips. No fear baby.



We went back today and he spent ages just sitting on the bottom of the slide like this, swinging his legs. My heart melts.

& talking about him being a big boy?

I've been kicked out of my rocking chair at bedtime, it's his chair now. He always wants to sit in it when we're upstairs, and he's rather picky about which books he'll read!!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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