083. We've moved!

Just a super quick post tonight! I lost my phone charger for a couple of days in the move, & now it's refusing to turn on :( So no week in phone photos, boo! To be honest, I don't think we took that many, we've spent the last week packing & moving & unpacking! It was a pretty emotional move, but we're now very at home in our new house! We have SO much more space, I am absolutely thrilled with the amount of storage & cupboards I have now! & Daniel's toys have all found homes, with NONE of them in the living room! I'll take some photos tomorrow after work, I promise!

Daniel's been a superstar too. He was a little sad on Friday (Moving Day) & he learnt how to throw a real tantrum (lying on the floor, screaming and kicking because I couldn't turn the TV on - we'd been disconnected for the move!) but he played at my Mum's for the afternoon & was good as gold! He's had no trouble sleeping, which was my major worry, except the curtains aren't blackout yet so it's taken him a little longer to fall asleep. HE loves all the space, & that he can crawl in a big circle downstairs, & find me again!

Our silly internet keeps disconnecting, we have spoken to several people on the helpline and it seems to be fixed, and then breaks again. Making blogging very difficult!! :/

Cuddles with Momma, watching Peppa after a nap today.

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, I promise to update more as soon as I can!

Lots of Love
MommaB & Babyboy

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