082. Our Summer Bucket List

I saw this idea for a summer bucket list over on hi, baby & the other night while Colin was out I spent HOURS searching for new ideas to put on ours! The idea of spending a whole 6 weeks at home, without a car (we're getting rid of Colin's work car to save some dollar) is pretty daunting, so this will be great to look at when we're having "one of those days"! Without further ado, here's our 2011 Summer Bucket List!

1. Make ice-lollies.
2. Go to the zoo.
3. Sidewalk chalk.
4. Paint canvases.
5. Visit a farm.
6. Eat watermelon.
7. Paint pottery.
8. Make a banana split.
9. Visit a museum. [Camberley]
10. Feed the ducks.
11. Slide down a slide.
12. Make cocktails.
13. Go to the library.
14. Blow bubbles.
15. Build a fort.
16. Play in the paddling pool.
17. Watch Harry Potter 7, Part 2.
18. Have a dinner party.
19. Make smores.
20. Pick strawberries.
21. Make homemade ice-cream/frozen yogurt.
22. Play with puzzles.
23. Raid Jay’s toy cupboard.
24. Have a BBQ.
25. Take a picture everyday.
26. Make frozen bananas.
27. Finger/body painting.
28. Make fingerpaints. [http://girlinair.blogspot.com/2011/03/homemade-finger-paint.html]
29. Learn to cook three new recipes.
30. Make iced coffee.
31. Collect seashells.
32. Read at least 3 books.
33. Go on a boat.
34. Have a picnic.
35. Go swimming with Daddy.
36. Have a water fight.
37. Get a tattoo.
38. Make a smoothie.
39. Road trip to a beach.
40. Build a sandcastle.
41. Make milkshakes.
42. Play with Oobleck [Cornflour & water]
43. Buy a radio & dance while I do housework.
44. Read books outside.
45. Have a pyjama day.
46. Cream soda icecream floats.
47. Buy Daniel Kyle some Baby Havaianas.
48. Start a compost bin.
49. Make playdough.
50. Visit 3 new parks.
51. Learn more baby sign.

I can't wait for the sun to come out & for us to get started! I wanted to get the sidewalk chalk out today but it's packed somewhere :/ Thankyou to hi, baby for this idea!

Hi, Baby.

Also, have you noticed the button pn my sidebar? The beautiful, super-sweet, darling Deanna at delirious rhapsody made it for me! How amazing is she?! Thankyou so much honey!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. what a great idea!! think we should do something like this. :)