068. What's In Our [Changing] Bag

I decided to do a What's In Our Bag post, because I've seen them on a couple of blogs (sorry I can't link, I don't remember who's!) & I really liked reading them. I guess it's because I'm quite nosy, & it's always interesting to see what others have thought to include (& what you've forgotten!)

Check Daniel's chunky little arm in the corner.

I actually forgot to take a photo of our changing bag, but it's a pretty average one. It's grey with a circle pattern, same as our pram as they came together, & it's fairly large (one big picket, a clear inside pocket, two side pockets, one outside pocket and one detatchable bottle/snack pocket) It's always served us well, even though it doesn't do up properly because it's so full! I'd love a prettier one, but this one's actually pretty perfect so I'll stick with what I know!


01. Babywipes.
02. Nappy sacks.
03. Daniel's red medical book & savings account book (kept in the front outside pocket)
04. Toothbrush, toothpaste (for the days Nanny or our childminder give Daniel breakfast) & nasal spray/drops (for the days, liketoday, where Daniel has a nasty snotty nose :( Kept in one of the side pockets)
05. Milton Antibacterial Wipes (for less than sanitary toys/highchairs/dropped teethers.
06. Mummy's hand cream, lipbalm and throast sweets (life savers, kept in the other side pocket)

07. Pac-a-mac (for the rainy days, we do live in England!)
08. Baby boat shoes (!!!)
09. Small toys (phone, keys, little people)
10. Spare t-shirt & vest (there's normally some jeans in there too!)
11. Teether & Bonjela teething gel (Daniel stole it after the first picture, he loves the tube!!)
12. Spare spoon, suncream and Metanium nappy cream (The DON of nappy creams.)

Snacks. Fruit Flakes (dried fruit covered in yogurt) Raisins & Sultanas, & Ella's Kitchen baby cookies.

Mummy's things, that weren't in the original pictures because I'd left them in my handbag from work. Phone, camera and purse (keys not pictured)

If anyone else has a "What;s In Our Changing Bag/2 post, link me in the comments? :)

Daniel and I are just chilling, watching Peppa Pig while he devoures some pasta and meatballs. My knees hurt SO bad because I went out to celebrate a friend's birthday last night! Wierd. Hope you've all had a lovely weekend darlings!

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy


  1. Great post, I'll have to do mine one day - so many of our things match up.

  2. It's amazing how much stuff a little person requires ;)

  3. Love this, i might do one too! x