057. Mayday.

I've been a very bad blogger this week. But I've been a good girlfriend, instead. Colin & I have been spending some quality time, instead of doing different things in the eveing, despite being sat next to each other. We went out for a meal, while Grandad babysat a sleeping babe, we snuggled and watched Harry Potter with a feast, we had our own "comedy night" with fajitas, & we had our neighbours over for a BBQ. I feel like a social butterfly, and it was really lovely to spend time with Colin, just the two of us, properly! I don;t get how you amazing Mommas manage to balance blogging along with everything else, I take my hat off to you!

Anyway, last Sunday Daddy went to watch the Arsenal game, so Babyboy and I went to spend the day with my parents. I do see my parents a lot, they live two minutes away from where I work so I often pop in, plus we go for dinner once a week, and my brother & Momma look after Daniel for me while I work two days, so I hang around after that too! But I only really seethem for a short while when they get home from work, before we have to leave, & my Mum's normally busy cooking dinner, so it was realy nice to spend some quality time with them too!

My babe's very good at handing you things he finds on the floor. Very rarely they go in his mouth, unless it's actual food (he found a pretzel on the floor the other day & that went in, even though he;s never had one before!)

Putting his hand in the watering can, and shouting ("Oooohhh!") is great fun!

My little green fingered lad.


Then we went to the park...

Grin :D Excuse the spit. That's a new fun game too.

& this head tilt? I die.


Slidin' with Nanny. Wheee!

& the roundabout. Not so sure.

& a fun train!




Relaxin' He seemed to like his hat likethis!

All tiggered out. With a lipstick mark on his cheek from Momma.

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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