055. Our Week In Phone Pictures. [003]

Tuesday 26th


Being an angel while Momma washed up. Playing peek-a-boo! Wednesday 27th 27th Pt1 27th Pt2 Tipping all the balls out of the ball-pool is our new fave game. "Drinking beer" Playing in Nanny and Grandad's garden. Thursday 28th 28th The Biggest Mess Ever? Saturday 30th P300411 Daddy's birthday. After a [failed] escape plan, we went shoe shopping and to a pet shop! Yeah, Daniel's in a dog bed. Linking up with Amy at a good life for our week in phone pictures! Come and share too? Lots of Love Momma B & Babyboy xxx


  1. great captures of your events as they occur with your little man. That floor looks just like my floors with toys all over. The more she can get in to the happier she is! haha love it!

  2. Oh my gosh, that shoe looks so big!! LOL

    I bet my little guy would do the SAME thing with the ball pit! Holy disaster! But if it keeps 'em busy.... LOL