046. Our Week In Phone Pictures. [002]

Okay, so last week I posted on Friday, so I have last weekend's pictures to include. Which is okay cause there were a couple of days this week where I took NO PICTURES. At all. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. But oh well, it didn't hurt anyone! :) Here's our week!

Saturday 16th


Daniel Kyle's favourite seats. On his car garage and on our fireplace. Look at him sitting like a big boy!

Sunday 17th

17th Pt1
17th Pt2
Momma & Daddy cuddles. Practicing standing. Super cute Mickey Mouse vest :)

Monday 18th


Tired boy.

Tuesday 19th

19th Pt1
19th Pt3

Playing in pyjamas. With Mummy's make-up. Chillin' with his laptop, in front of the TV, while I hoovered round him.

Saturday 23rd

23rd Pt1
23rd Pt2

Sleeping. Playing in Nanny and Grandad's garden. Eating (homemade burgers, carrots and broccoli) Sitting in a big boy chair. Eating (Cheese Puffs!)

Sunday 24th


Sometimes, while Daniel's napping, or eating, I run round like a mad woman tidying everything up ready for him to come and play. Yesterday we had cars and little people out. I really don't know why I bother, Daniel just DESTROYS it all!

And, finally, the CUTEST video ever. Daniel Kyle playing with my bronzer & brush! (Sorry it's sideways!)

Linking up, again, with Amy from a good life for our week in phone pictures! Lots of Love Momma B & Babyboy xxx


  1. Aww..the little video is just so cute! xoxoxoo

  2. your son is so cute! it's also nice that you've captured the whole week ! :D i should do this. it's nice to look back on