023. Summertime.

It's been a beautiful day again today! Doesn't the sun just make you feel happy? Daniel Kyle made the most of the sun and my afternoon off today. We met Grandad for lunch in the park, and then went to meet the Mums and babies from our antenatal classes :) I got sunburnt, how silly of me, slathering all the babies in suncream but forgetting myself!

"Have you got food over there Nanny?"


Bangin' on the slide with Grandad.


Blue eyes <3 P1010905
"Whose feet are those?"

A little nervous about the trampoline/floor moving. He grew to love it!

Momma Baby photo. Why does Daniel Kyle always look so grumpy in these?


I was talking with the other Mums today about having more babies, even though our babies aren't even one yet, as Em was getting clucky! My decision's kind of made for me, I have another 4 years before I qualify and, financially, I need to do that before having any more children. But still, I don't think I would want another yet. I love spending time with Daniel Kyle, playing with him, watcing him grow, helping him learn new things, I'd be too worried I'd miss out on all of that if I had a newborn to contend with too. Whenever I see a newborn now, I do think "Awwwh, how cute and tiny!" but I love having a bigger baby, they're so much more interesting! So, for now, I'm a very content mother of one. (Though, a ring would be nice Colin! :P)

Lots of Love
Momma B & Babyboy

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