003. Tuesday morning in the park

Today has been a very chilled morning, it's making me not want to go to work at all. I'm a TA for a child with aspergers and I'm finding it really difficult at the moment, like I can;t help him if he doesn't want to be helped!
Anyway, my darling son and I lazed areound in our pyjamas for a little bit, watching The Only Way Is Essex & Waterloo Road :)
Yes, we literally spend all day in that ball pit!
He's just always so happy and smiley in there, I can't resist!
Chillin', playing phones!
P1010265 P1010238
Then we went to the park to meet my lovely friend Kathy & her adorable little boy Zack!
P1010258 P1010248
Daniel Kyle loves the swings!
I love him unreal amounts!
The best trike ever.
Unfortunately we lost a shoe on the way home, so we had to go back to retrieve it & Daniel fell asleep in the trike! Bless him!

Lots of love
Momma B & Babyboy

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  1. yours is such a lovely blog, I wish there were more like this! lovely pictures too, your little boy is so handsome, xx